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Aufzählungszeichen Vita / Biography:


Aufzählungszeichen Aufzählungszeichen Personal data:

Born 1962 in Bregenz (Austria).
Lives in Wolfurt (Austria).

Favorite categories of the artist: photography, conceptional arts and sculptures.

Member of the international association of artists "Gruppe 30" and the national association of artists "IG Bildende Kunst". Represented by the galleries Bertrand Kass in Innsbruck (Austria) and LDX Artodrome Gallery, Beijing/Berlin (China/Germany).

Appreciates the works from a lot of photographers, like Bettina Rheims, Helmut Newton, Gabriele Rigon, Andreas Bitesnich, and others.

In honour of one of the greatest creative genies ever – Salvatore Dali – he added the "S." to his name.

His topics include social and political issues.

Thanks to the intensive application to his work, Heim developed a very distinctive visual language, e.g. for People and for Architectural Photography. Inspired by Gerhard Richter's unique painting technique, Heim has developed the image refinement technique "Big Pixel" to optimize the smooth and often boring surfaces of digital photo shots. In some of his works the bounds between photography and painting become blurred.

Art collectors appreciate the works out of the limited editions. Those are available in gallery-quality (e.g. Fuji Crystal Archive Paper laminated on aluminium composite panel, sealed, ultraviolet resistant, by request with solid wood frame). Sizes: up to 500 * 240 cm ("The Shroud - Das Grabtuch").

His works can be seen in private and public collections, e.g. at Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Art in Las Vegas.

Aufzählungszeichen Aufzählungszeichen Awards and Prizes (selection):

Was the first Austrian photographer who gained the "Photographer Of The Week" award from "The New Nude". Petter Hegre, the well known photographer, is the art director of "The New Nude".

Received the "Ehrengabe" of the provincial capital Bregenz (Austria) for his benefits.

Received the Art Prize of "Kunstmesse Grenzenlos Euregio Bodensee" (Austria).

Was nominated for the Kitz Award Prize (Austria) and for the Black and White Spider Award (USA) with 8,508 entries from 73 countries.

Achieved the first places in nearly all contests he took part during his 3 year permanent competition time (e.g. State championship and Country championship for artistic photography).

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